Part 1 Prairie Beginnings

Prairie Girl Colorless 50’s photo a child hermetically sealed Fading small against Junoesque pine Cradling basket-less Moses doll Softly smiling sideways glancing Plaid, pleated prairie dress disguising tom-girl legs Honeyed tidy braided hair feigning sweet, demure Clydesdale heavy, clunky shoes claustrophobic feet Drenching in sweet prairie grass Chomping at the bit Shoes shed, running free … Continue reading Part 1 Prairie Beginnings

To Do Or To Be

To Do or Be Every morning the first thing I do before my feet slide onto my fluffy rug is talk with God. I ask for help and acknowledge God's goodness to me. I recognize the sound of grinding coffee and pat my dog on his easy chair on the way to the kitchen. Yes, … Continue reading To Do Or To Be

Catastrophic Suffering

I grew up in a fundamentalist religious group in Canada until I turned ten and our family moved to Los Angeles. Our world in Canada was all white with a “Truman Show” atmosphere. I experienced a traumatic culture shock after we moved. I didn’t stand out as being different in our sheltered prairie town but … Continue reading Catastrophic Suffering

Remember Daddy When…

Remember daddy, when you made a radio from scratch. A small light yellow box with an open back containing a fascinating array of tubes, wires, and the string with a safety pin dangling down by a thumbtack so we could tap it back to life with a sizzle. I remember the smell of warm tubes … Continue reading Remember Daddy When…