Jesus the Christ, birthday?

The celebration of the birth of my King Jesus. He is the Christ, a Greek origin title which means the Anointed One or The Messiah. Jesus was his name and Christ was the title of his role. His earthly body was not created from man but from God’s Spirit. Mary was chosen to carry this special child in her womb until he was born. Born somewhere in a humble dwelling to poor parents. God spoke to some wise men, and showed them where he was. They brought him valuable gifts that the parents of Jesus could sell to have a means to live. Humble shepherds were the audience on that night. A bright star was the light to point to the place where he was born. The most important birth on earth in the humblest of circumstances. His parents had to flee when a wicked and jealous ruler wanted to make sure he was snuffed out. To ensure success, every baby boy in Bethlehem was killed. King Herod’s motives were evil and selfish but God, the Eternal One, had a plan for His Son which included all mankind.

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