Gratitude takes Attitude

Gratitude takes Attitude

He has told you mortals, what is good in His sight. What else does the Eternal ask of you. But to live justly and to love kindness and to walk with your True God in all humility. Micah 6:8 Voice

Emergency sirens rake my brain raw daily. Helicopters put on a night show as they hunt in the jungle for their prey. Two days ago a lady at a bus stop holding a pizza met her death by a car who couldn’t wait for a red light; a block from our house.

Daily, the mufflerless motorcycles roar like lions in constant heat. They love to play a game of “Set off the Car Alarms.” I breathe.  

A car plays ping-pong down our street hitting an SUV so hard it jumps over the curb and uproots a neighbors plant. All the invisible insurance assessors were busy, I imagine. Dav and I helped a neighbor sweep up chunks of cars a few days later so her son could have a place to park. 

Our blink camera picks up a man with a construction vest at 2a.m, casually strolling past the blaring driveway lights to enter our backyard. He doesn’t blink. Dav bought a lock, but was notified a few weeks ago that we had to give the gas company 24-hour access—so no lock. They finally painted our corroded gas lines last week. I thanked them.

My daughter and I went for a stress-reducing walk yesterday. A man on a scooter flew past us an inch from our bodies on the sidewalk. We felt the breeze and glimpsed the back of his head as he revved to clear the intersection. We recoiled, then continued. 

Nightly fireworks bombard the peace. They sound like rapid-fire bullets. I pray. 

In the last several months: I bowed my head more often; noticed injustices louder; listened harder and more intently than ever. I have examined my own opinions and tossed them on the heap of humility and watched them turn into the fruit of grace and forgiveness.

I hear my True King as layers of my story have been unearthed and compassion has risen from the soil of my soul. I see the stamp of the Eternal One. God is good. I have slowly released the white-knuckle grip of control. I can’t change circumstances. I can’t change the world, but I can change my attitude.

There is a Redeemer ~ Keith Green

Thank you, oh my Father

For giving us Your Son

And leaving Your Spirit

‘Til the work on Earth is done

These events have changed my attitude to gratitude. I have created a sanctuary in my tiny yard. It gives me hope for the spring. My gratitude for new growth and beauty overflows. The sound of water from my fountains calms me. I pray. 

Dear Eternal Father, I thank you. Help me. I pray that you change my attitude and make me an instrument of your peace on earth.

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