Gentlemen May I Serve YOU?

I thrust out my hand to grasp a yellow-stained one
I looked deep into eyes filled with blood-red haze
Gentlemen, I said, “may I offer you a glass of cold water?”
Toothless grins crack wide open face
“Why yes mam, yes!”

Please sir will you set the table, set it nice, and set it pretty
Put three pastries on the plate and an applesauce and banana too
Place the coffee cup in a left-hand reach and a milk right next to that
Place a water glass on the right-hand and fill it to the brim
Place a napkin atop the pastries, thank you sir, and thank you ma’am

Who’s coming to eat? Someone important?
Someone with status, with clout, someone squeaky clean?
Can we get an autograph, a picture standing next to him?
We’ll bring a group from church, and praise them for their service
We’ll put their name in our bulletin and ask for a special offering

Oh no! You won’t know him when he comes, perhaps no one will
He’ll sit down among them and break and bless the food
He’ll help fill the water cups and even wash their feet
But what does he look like and what will he do?
He’ll say, “Would you like a glass of cold water gentlemen?”
He looks like me and you. Mt. 25:34-40 &; Luke 12:37

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